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Altar Servers

This ministry allows our youth to participate in the Liturgy by helping the priest and the deacon. They carry the processional cross, hold the missal for the celebrant, assist the priest when washing his hands, and assist the priest and deacon as necessary.
Father Wilbroad Mwape| | 864.233.7717

Choir and Music Ministry

Choir and music ministry members lead the faithful in the worship of God in the liturgy. It is not just well trained ears, balance voicing or energetic stage presence. True worship is an extension of love and relationship with God. Singing and other musical talents can be used in the gospel, men’s, youth or traditional choirs.
Stan Greggs | | 864.295.2448
Larry McCullough | 864.205.3655
Brian Jenkins | 864.630.3795

Elijah Cup

In this ministry families volunteer to spend time in prayer for factions. The Elijah Cup is a consecrated chalice that provides a focal point of prayer. A family registers to pick up the cup and ad the end of a mass the family is presented the cup to take home for one week. The family then prays together each day for vocations. The Elijah Cup is returned at the end of the week.

Extraordinary Ministers

Extraordinary ministers administer the Body and Blood of Christ to the assembled faithful. The Eucharist strengthens the people of God to become more like Christ by following his teaching and examples. Extraordinary ministers share this faith with the faithful at communion. Extraordinary minsters are also responsible for taking the Eucharist to parishioners who are in hospitals or nursing homes.
Mary Corner |  | 864.233.7717 x 5
Steve Olson | | 864.228.9200


Lectors are readers of the word. A very important part of the life of the church, they proclaim the scripture so that we experience the Christ present now in our midst and present in the past events of salvation history. Liturgy allows us to participate in those event sand experience the power and ability to transform, as we strive to imitate the life of Christ.

Mary Corner |  | 864.233.7717 x5
Steve Olson | | 864.228.9200


This is a ministry of hospitality. The usher is the first face of Christ to greet God’s people as they assemble for worship and prayer. The greeting of “good morning” helps the usher to discretely discern how to welcome and what help to offer. Ushers serve in a Christ-like manner by being prayerful, patient, helpful and understanding. ushers radiate the joy that faith brings, as they serve the needs of others.
Mary Corner | | 864.233.7717 x 5

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