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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we park?

Parking is available in the main parking lot in front of the school and church; in the unpaved areas by the old friary, and on Gower Street. We highly discourage parking on Lindberg Avenue due to the narrow street and to avoid parking in front of residents' driveways. Please see the photo below for reference:

Can you rent the Social Hall for an event? 

Yes, please contact our Recreation Event Manager, Johnny Payne at

How do we sign up for Parish Flocknotes?

The first step is to register as a new parishioner:  

If you have registered as a parishioner and have not received Flocknotes, please contact the Parish Office:


What is considered an active parishioner?

  • Weekly participation in worship through attendance at Sunday Mass and on Holy Days of Obligation.

  • Volunteer at St. Anthony’s on a regular basis (Time)

  • Active involvement in a parish ministry/ organization (Talent)

  • Weekly or monthly use of parish envelopes or online giving (Treasure)

How do we sign up for Online Giving?

Please go to the following link: St. Anthony Online Givingand set up an account. If you have any issues or further questions, please contact the Parish Office: 864-233-7717.

How do I update my contact information or mailing address?

If you have a Flocknote account set up with the Parish, please log in to Flocknotes and update your profile. The other option is to contact the Parish Office: or 864-233-7717.

I'm new to the parish, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes, please contact our Director of Stewardship and Ministries, Jay Pitts at or

864-233-7717 ext. 8.

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