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Community Life

20 Something Group

The 20s Something Group is a social, educational and service organization for young adults in their 20s. The group gathers to grow in faith, share mission work and hang out in an environment of Christian fellowship. The group meets every week for different events which includes: Mass & Mingle, Bible Study, Prayer Night, and Volunteer Opportunities in our parish or community.
Morgan Miller |

Altar Services

The Swiffer Team cleans the church every second and fourth Saturday. Tasks include mopping, vacuuming, dusting and organizing the church. Holy water owls are cleaned and refilled, and general beautification of the church takes place. A second crew cleans the church on Friday when it is not done on a Saturday.
Barbara Prinzing | 847.217.4298

Gardens & Grounds Ministry

This group is composed of volunteers who help keep the church, school and convent grounds pleasant, verdant and environmentally responsible. The group invites anyone who likes to garden or would like to learn gardening to join. There are several master gardeners in the group who can provide help for the different chores involved in gardening. The grounds offer widely varying opportunities to share your skills, enthusiasm and sweat. Several families have also committed to be caretakers of specific areas of the grounds.
Suzanne Newton | | 864.292.1914
Horace Mays | 864.236.9334

Living Water Bible Study

This is a Bible study group that meets every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Gallivan Center.
Nicky and Lillie Jones | | 864.277.8126

Men’s Club

The St. Anthony of Padua Men’s Club is a parish service and social organization that is open to all male adults who are willing to serve the church and school in the spirit of Christian obedience. The charisma of St. Francis of Assisi enlightens our commitment to respond to the concerns of the community and the poor.
Johnny Payne | | 864.859.2900

Safety Ministry

This ministry coordinates safety awareness throughout the parking lot and around the school and church grounds before and after Mass, during special events, and during school hours.
Thomas Baldwin | | 864.275.2652

Servant Hearts

Servant Hearts is a ministry for every member of St. Anthony’s parish. Use your hands and heart to help those in our parish and community. Servant Hearts provides an easy way to serve. There are no meetings or committees. You sign up with your email and opportunities to serve are sent to you. You respond to those request that speak to your are of giftedness and work best with your schedule.
Katie Tierney |
Meg Kocher |
Carlos O’Neal |

St. Anthony’s Moms

This group provides an opportunity for fellowship & fun for Catholic parents and their children. We’ll meet once a month to give full time caregivers and children an opportunity to support each other through faith and prayer, conversation, and play. Some guided studies and other community activities will be planned.
Marisol Hallows |
Lindsay Muir | 864-616-9664 |

St. Anthony’s Family Group

To connect families, build relationships, and grow together in faith.
Katie Gilchrist | 864-640-7770
Christie Sanders| 864-918-3955

Transportion Ministry

This ministry transports individuals who are unable to drive themselves to and from church or other appointments.
Director of Volunteers | | 864.233.7717 x 8

Women’s Council

The Women’s Council provides a variety of services to the church and school, including fundraising, planning social events an providing meals for bereaved families. Activites include hosting senior citizen dinners, conducting school supply drives and counseling with parents to assure success for them and their children. The group helps with voter registration and supports the neighborhood and community vegetable garden. The Women’s Council is a member of the National Council of Catholic Women and participates in Water for Life with the NCCW International Commission.
Debra Drennon  | | 864.263-3168

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